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I offer both drum lessons and yoga classes in both Stirling and Edinburgh. Skype lessons are also available at a lower price.

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Here’s a little more about me…

Growing up with a Dad who was gigging regularly as a drummer in various rock bands, and a home that had Led Zeppelin and The Who playing on the turntable, it was inevitable that I was going to take up drumming at some point in my life! On a rainy day in St Andrews when I was around 13 years old, we went out to drums that were set up in the rickety old shed in the back garden to see if I had any natural talent for the kit. My dad showed me some basic rock beats which I grasped fine, then a beat from ‘Black Dog’ by Led Zeppelin – I got it! Next, ‘Honky Tonk Women’ by Rolling Stones – got it! After a few other excerpts from a variety of classic rock tunes, it was safe to say that I was hooked, and I was given a book filled with everything I needed to teach myself how to read drum music and give myself a basic grasp of eighth-note rock beats.

I then went on to take drum lessons at school, which fast became the focal point of my school life. I joined my first band after my dad allowed me to fill in for him during a few songs at a gig he was playing in St Andrews – it was terrifying, but I loved it. My confidence began to increase the more gigs I played, and I even joined the school Wind Band (SHUSH – it was amazing), and before I knew it, I was 17 years old and applying for the BA(Hons) Popular Music course at Edinburgh Napier University. I was incredibly nervous during my audition and really did not expect to get a place on the course, rearranging my university plans in my head to go and study English somewhere else, until I half-heartedly checked online a month later to see if they’d updated the page to confirm I hadn’t received a place on the course. Much to my utter delight, I signed in and saw that they’d offered me an unconditional! So I spent the next 4 years studying the kit, as well as all the other aspects of music such a music history, psychology, business, philosophy and theory, and had the opportunity to meet and play with a bunch of really talented and great musicians along the way. By the end of it all, I came away with a 1st Class degree when I graduated in 2013.

After graduation, I immediately began teaching drum lessons in Edinburgh to both beginners and those with a little more experience on the kit and have steadily built up a happy clientele of lovely drum students, most of whom I still teach today. Teaching drums to others has also been of great benefit to myself, in that I have gradually figured out how to teach drums to a variety of people, all of whom have different needs and a wide range of learning styles.