Jamie Dunleavey is a 25 year old drummer and yoga teacher based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She holds a First Class degree in BA (Hons) Popular Music after graduating from Edinburgh Napier University in 2013.

Growing up with a family who listens to bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who, Jamie inevitably began drumming and was taught by her Dad, right up until she decided to study it further in university. After attending a drum workshop with Sensational Alex Harvey Band drummer, Ted McKenna (and hearing his stories of meeting Keith Moon and John Bonham), Jamie realised that she wanted to learn more about drumming and get taught professionally.

As she learnt more and more in her drum lessons at university, she began to drum for bands, gigging weekly. Because of this, she has gained lots of experience in playing live and in the studio, and has had the opportunity to meet some amazing musicians and interesting people.

Jamie is currently playing for a few bands, as well as session playing.

If you’re looking for a drum teacher in Edinburgh, Jamie can help! Click here for more details about how to get started with drum lessons.

Throughout her time at university, she took up yoga and after attending regular classes, it started to become a bit of a passion for her, and actually complimented her rowdy drumming life with a much-needed bit of calmness and tranquility. Since January 2016, she began to teach others in an effort to bestow the gift of a healthy mind and body from yoga practice on to others who may well need the same break from hectic lives and troublesome thoughts. Jamie started up ‘Happy Yoga’ classes in Edinburgh, in which yogis are encouraged to praise and love their bodies not for their aesthetic value of which our society seems to regard so highly, but for the amazing things our bodies can do after dedication to yoga practice. Your body is the only body you’ll ever have and you can learn to appreciate it and show it the respect it deserves; after all, it’s a pretty amazing thing that we’re even a part of this world and are alive to enjoy it!

Click here to find out how to get in touch with Jamie.

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